Make Me Choose | Anonymous | Murder House or Asylum

Life’s too short for so much sorrow.

I know everything. I’m the Devil

Why would you kill God’s innocent creatures?

"-No..No.. This is wrong. It’s all wrong. Who are you? What did you do to my house, my belongings? I’m terribly confused. These things aren’t mine. These furnishing, the fabrics—they’re cheap; Vulgar. They’ve picked the flesh off my beautiful home and left the skeleton, the bare bones.

-How can I comfort you?

-My Baby… Where’s my baby?

-Is that what you want? A baby?

-Yes, I just want my baby.

Lily Rabe as Nora Montgomery [20/?]

Lily Rabe as Nora Montgomery [8/?]

American Horror Story: Lily Rabe

"What have you done to our baby?"

Lily Rabe as Nora Montgomery [12/?]